She said her life has been a nightmare since she lost her ID in 2013.
“At one point I thought about ending my life, but I thought about my child,” said Nomvuyelo.
“Sometimes I don’t sleep at night because I fear that I may lose my job because of the ID problem.”
She told Daily Sun that in 2014 she couldn’t withdraw money from her account because the bank needed her ID.
“My parents had to send me money from the Eastern Cape to survive.
“I went to Bellville Home Affairs and the officials wrote a letter to the bank to prove that the account belonged to me.”
She said the officials told her that they had sent her details to Pretoria because they didn’t deal with duplicated IDs.
“They even told me that I shared the same ID number with another person.”
She told Daily Sunthat in 2011 her ID book was damaged by water and the pages were messed up.
“After I lost my damaged ID in 2013 I went to the Bellville Home Affairs to apply for another one.
“When I went to check the status of the application, I was told that my ID had been duplicated.
“They promised to sort out the problem, but nothing has happened yet,” said Nomvuyelo.
She told the People’s Paper that she was tired of explaining to her bosses about her ID problem.
“Now I’m worried that I could lose my job because of this whole mess.”
Mninawa Booi, manager at Bellville Home Affairs, said that he was aware of Nomvuyelo’s matter.
“I will check the status of her ID application on Monday when I’m back at work,” Booi told the People’s Paper.
Source: Daily Sun