As the results for yesterday’s local government elections are coming in, have you ever wondered what would happen if at some point either the EFF or DA one day won the majority votes and was elected into office.
It would be interesting to figure out what both parties would do once in office. In an interview with Grazia Magazine the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and DA’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi revealed the first thing they would do if they were elected to office.
“I cut the Cabinet in half and avail resources to aid the development of South Africa, such as prioritising education and ensuring a stimulus into micro enterprise. Also, focus on key cities, so they become job drivers,” Mmusi explains.
Mbuyiseni says for the EFF their priority will be health care and proper sanitation. “Immediately open 24-hour clinics, make sure they’re stocked with free sanitary towels and there are functional labour wards for women to give birth. Make sure there are cr’eches in every municipal ward for early childhood development. Ease rates and taxes o n the poor – pensioners in particular, who will also receive free water and electricity. Finally, everyone will have access to proper,” Mbuyiseni says.
Source: Grazia Magazine