WHEN Joel Molo (37) and Lettie Maboe (37) got married 10 years ago, they exchanged rings as a sign of their undying love.
But now the same rings that Joel put on Lettie’s finger are threatening to wreck their happy love.
This is because Joel simply won’t believe Lettie’s claim that thugs stole the rings.
The couple from Etwatwa, east of Ekurhuleni, have been blessed with three beautiful children, but all of that nearly counted for nothing when a war of words erupted over the missing jewellery.
Lettie said she told her husband the three wedding rings were stolen on her way home from work.
“As I got out of the taxi three men approached me.
“They were staring at my handbag. I held the bag tightly under my arm, but my wedding rings were exposed.
“Two of them grabbed my arm and forcefully removed my rings while the other one pulled my bag from under my arm and took out my cellphone.
“I screamed and they ran off, dropping my bag along the way,” said Lettie.
She said she suffered bruises on her arms as she fought the thugs.
A passerby who saw the incident walked Lettie to her house where they told her husband what had happened.
But her explanation was not enough for Joel.
“I suspect foul play because her story is hard to believe.
“I love and trust my wife, but she had more valuable things on her than the rings.
“She must just tell me where the rings are so that I know.
“I won’t accuse her of anything until she tells me the truth,” said Joel.
It appears that the couple’s marriage is now on the rocks because of three lost rings
Source: dailysun