Eldorado Park residents came to the SunTeam’s help to rescue a schoolgirl from her would-be rapist and wanted to teach him a lesson. Photo by Trevor Kunene  ~ 

TREVOR Kunene and I came across a teenage boy dragging a girl across the road in Eldorado Park, Joburg.
It was about 10 in the morning on Friday and we were rushing to an assignment in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni.
The girl was hysterical, screaming at the top of her lungs while trying to free herself from the boy, who was trying hard to pull her towards nearby bushes.
We were not the only people who saw it happening.
Many people in cars stopped, had a look and then just continued on their journey.
I could sense something was wrong and asked Trevor to stop the car and immediately jumped out. The boy saw us, stopped for a moment and then continued what he was doing, unfazed.
We shouted, “Vimbaaaaaaa!” and gave chase.
Luckily our screams were heard by the residents, who came out guns blazing and joined the chase.
Sensing danger, the boy ditched the girl and ran for his life.
I shouted for people to follow him.
By now the boy had managed to run deep into the bush.
But his luck ran out and he was caught.
People came out of their houses and wanted to teach him a lesson.
Now even cars were pulling over.
The residents were furious, saying he was one of the boys who robbed people hiking on the road, while women became their rape victims.
An angry Phindi Mbatha said the boys should be taught a lesson as they also are behind most house robberies.
She said: “It’s sad because we are robbed by teenagers who should be at school but instead they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to crime.”
The boy got a few hot klaps from residents before being rescued by police passing by.
The girl could not stop crying in relief as she watched her would-be rapist, who claimed to be 17, being taught a lesson.
Women moered him, telling him he had a nerve to want to commit rape in Women’s Month!
The boy has been arrested and is facing attempted rape charges.