Usain Bolt and his girlfriend will not split up after intimate photos of the Olympic hero in bed with a 20-year-old Brazilian student Jady Duarte, hit the internet.

 Has his girlfriend Kasi seen the photos? Yes. According to Bolt's big sister, Christine Bolt-Hylton, Kasi was upset by the raunchy pictures.

According to reports, the gold winning sprint king celebrated his 30th birthday at a nightclub in Rio and was 'completely drunk' at 7am when he arrived back to the athletes' accommodation with student/mother of two and the widow of a notorious drug lord known as DinĂ¡ Terror, Jady Duarte. She later took selfies of herself in bed with the Olympic legend as he appeared to kiss and cuddle her, and sent photos via Whatsapp to her friends.
Bolt's sister, Christine however believes Usain will still propose and the couple will work through their problems. Speaking from her hometown of St Andrews near Kingston, Jamaica, Christine said:
'I'm sure Kasi will be used to it by now. She is used to seeing pictures like this. People ask for pictures with him and he is always willing to have pictures. She is used to him being in the public domain. I don't think anything happened between him and the Brazilian girl. He loves Kasi too much to jeopardise the relationship. I'm looking at the pictures and it doesn't look like he was doing anything with her.'
Asked if Kasi will be upset, Christine, who is Usain's half-sister, continued:
 'The pictures are of a young girl. I know she will be upset. But she will talk to him and I know they can work their difficulties out. Usain doesn't believe in cheating. Normally when we speak he says he is against stuff like that. He has never done this before as far as I know. When he was much younger he was popular with the girls but from when they have been together he hasn't done anything like that. f they were together as she is saying they were, I think she had planned for her to take the photographs and expose him for 'cheating'.'
Asked if her little brother should apologize, Christine said:
 'Kasi was definitely OK with the party pictures. The pictures with the girl he should definitely apologise for. He would never cheat. He was brought up in a Christian home and his mother doesn't support that lifestyle. So I don't think he would ever cheat. I think Kasi will talk to him and they will make a decision about what to do together. I do think that Kasi and Usain will work on past whatever it was and move on with their lives. However, he has got to be careful because of his actions.'
Christine said she is not ashamed of her brother, adding:
 'To be honest I don't think he has done anything wrong.'