MSAWAWA’S glitz and glam life is fading fast – and his love life is running rough!
That’s the claim by Celebville sources who said the former kwaito hitmaker’s life was changed dramatically by a car downgrade . . . and a love break.
Sources close to Msawawa said his love journey with older tycoon lady, Angela Gwala, recently hit a rocky stretch.
One source claimed: “He used to drive expensive cars, but Angela took all the cars away as they were her property. She owns a car hire company.
“Now he’s driving a Polo 1.6 which belongs to his elder sister. He’s not making a lot of money. He sometimes gets gigs but usually at small events.”
Another mole said: “They should have been married by now. But things aren’t going so well with them.”
This informant claimed Angela read Msawawa the riot act after rumours that he’d been playing away from home.
His friends claim that Msawawa has been trying to please Angela – but she’s allegedly showing her Ben 10 the cold shoulder.
One industry insider claimed: “Msawawa has been begging Angela to forgive him, but it seems the businesswoman has had enough.”
Sunday Sun quizzed Msawawa’s dad, known as Bab’ Dlamini. He refused to talk, saying his son would blame him if anything was revealed in the media.
“I’m sorry, I can’t comment,” Bab’ Dlamini said. “Please talk to him. He knows what’s going on.”
When the SunTeam called Angela, she said she and Msawawa haven’t broken up – they’re just “taking a break”.
Msawawa couldn’t be reached for comment. He didn’t respond to our SMSes.