The evolution of local hip-hop has seen "feMCs" fiercely claiming their place and giving their male counterparts a run for their moola.

In the spirit of celebrating women's month, these are the Top 10 female rappers in Mzansi, who have dazzled audiences with their lyrical prowess and bestowed upon hip-hop the sexiness and colour that often leaves fans in awe.
1. Nadia Nakai
Nadia Nakai
Known as the queen of African hip-hop, the curvy lyricist continues to rock the industry with her sexy stage presence and catchy rhyme patterns.
Nakai won hearts with her hit Saka Wena, featuring Ice Prince.
2. Fifi Cooper
Fifi Cooper
Dubbed the first lady of Motswako rap, Cooper outshines most emcees with her unpredictable, punchy and hearty style. Her debut album 20FIFI, featuring the hits Kuze Kuse and Puntsununu, won three categories at this year's Metro FM Music Awards.
3. Gigi Lamayne
Gigi Lamayne
One of the first female rappers in SA to be signed to a major record label at the tender age of 16, she has won Best Female at the SA Hip Hop Awards for two years straight in 2013 and 2014. Her hit singles include Yajika Lento and Moja. She remains one of the exciting prospects for women in hip-hop.
4. Devour Ke Lenyora
Devour Ke Lenyora
As the pioneer of underground rap, she delivers an abstract and laid back flow that flourishes lyrical mastery over hardcore boom - bap beats.
Her sizzling single Blood On My Hands continues to do the rounds on social media platforms.
5. Miss Celaneous
Miss Celaneous
With sexually charged bars catapulted by punchlines and metaphors for days, the Cape Town-based rapper aims to liberate women - from different spheres of life - with her music. Her music video Nipsey Hussle gained her industry credibility.
6. Patty Monroe
Patty Monroe
Her debut track High Fashion sent shock waves throughout the industry. She has collaborated with house heavyweight Culoe de Song. This 20-year-old emcee delivers solid verses that defy her cute looks.
7. Chaz Le Hippe
Chaz Le Hippe
The rookie of the industry has already made strides to being the youngest hit banger to ever grace Mzansi hip-hop.
The 17-year-old emcee still has to contend with high school, but if her rap game is anything to go by, she will soon have Mzansi's hip-hop lovers eating out of the palm of her hand.
She mixes up seTswana and English, creating a delicate fine-tuned cocktail of funky rhymes. Her track Fast Traap is also doing rounds in social media.
8. Yugen Blackrok
Yugen Blackrok
As a self-proclaimed disciple of underground rap, she looks up to groups like WU Tang and Organized Konfusion. She describes her sound as straddling on the "darker and more lyrical" aspects of hip-hop. Her album Return of the Astro-Goth won Best Lyricist at the 2014 SA Hip Hop Awards.
9. Nomuzi Mabena
Nomuzi Mabena
Known as the Skanda Queen, Nomuzi Mabena has delved outside her career as an actress to become a formidable rapper.
She has had sizzling collaborations with the likes of AKA, Rouge, Ma-E and M-Blazing.
10. Miss Nthabi
Miss Nthabi
She's one of the "dopest" emcees to ever grace the game. Miss Nthabi earned her street cred in rap battles and cyphers, appearing on the popular mixtape series Hype Session with fellow rapper Reason. Her debut EP From The Streets To The Lab is considered a classic by the hip-hop fraternity.
Source: sundayworld