South African chef, Siba Mtongana shares her delicious cuisine with the rest of Africa, one meal at a time.
From having her own show on DStv’s Food Network channel to releasing her own cookbook, Siba has taken things a step further by taking her culinary talents to her avid followers in Kenya.
Siba and her husband have been enjoying the wonderful Kenyan hospitality they’ve been receiving from not only the media but the people of Kenya in general.

The renowned chef has even been invited as a key speaker at the This Is Africa conference launch in Nairobi.
And when she’s not doing press, Siba is doing what she does best, feeding people.
The irony is when she's not feeding people, she's feeding herself. Experiencing all the cultural Kenyan dishes the country has on offer.
By the looks of this Instagram video, Siba is having the time of her life and it doesn't look like she has any plans of returning to South Africa anytime soon.
Image Credit: Instagram