Singer and social activist Ntsiki Mazwai has come out strongly against black people who are ‘not supportive’ of other black peoples’ struggles.

Ntsiki’s comments come in the wake of student protests which erupted on Monday morning at universities in KZN.
Students are demanding free education from the government and are threatening nationwide protests if their demands are not met.
The protests have sparked widespread debate on social media, with the hashtag #FeesMustFallReloaded topping the trends list for hours.
Adding her voice to the debate, Ntsiki took aim at black people, who have negative comments about the hashtag.
Ntsiki believes that the ANC telling students that it can’t afford free education is because of ‘white capitalism’
“If every black person did not go to work for ONE day……we would see who really controls this economy. We do,” she said on Twitter.
Ntsiki went on to say that black people who have better lives think the struggle is over.
“If your parents can afford to pay for your education i think you should just SHUT UP and leave #FeesMustFallReloaded comrades alone. nxa Better Blacks are so damn ignorant and annoying.”
The singer continued to lash out at black people saying that it “disgusted” her to see black people turn their backs on other black peoples’ struggles.
“Its disgusting to see black people turn on other black people’s struggles… disgusting. What kind of black privilege ignore black suffering? the kind that is ignorant and thinks being made a better black makes them special.”
Source: rsadaily