A tiny primate baby was this week delivered by Caesarean section surgery at Paignton Zoo in Devon and the strange looking monkey has been likened to Harry Potter's arch enemy Voldemort.

According to Vet surgeon, Jo Reynard, it was the first time they had conducted a C-section on a primate as her mother Ivy had developed complications before childbirth.
Vet Jo Reynard, said to Mirror UK:
“Ivy had reached her due date but been off her food and inactive for two days.A quick x-ray confirmed that the baby’s head was engaged in the pelvis ready to come out. Later that evening we became concerned as her health was deteriorating and with no signs of normal labour progressing, we decided to do a C-section to save Ivy’s life and that of the baby.”
Ghislaine Sayers, head of veterinary services at Paignton Zoo, said:
“We have only done three C-sections here in the last 16 years. Jo, our surgeon on this occasion, has performed them on dogs, cats, cows and sheep before – but never a primate. It’s not so common in zoos – most zoo animals manage to give birth by themselves. Introducing a new life into the world is always special. The hardest bit in these circumstances is knowing when to intervene and when to leave the mum alone to give birth naturally. Jo added 
"It is an exciting thing to be involved in, but the overriding feeling is concern for the mother and this can make you a bit apprehensive. You want to do the best job you can for her.”
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