TV personality, Sammy Sosa has found herself in a barrage of drama after an artist revealed that she owes him a large amount of money. 
The artist who goes by the name of Inno confirmed on the social media platform that he had paid Sammy Sosa a whopping R23,000 for a feature which Sammy Sosa failed to appear on.
Inno explained that he’s tried various ways to get in contact with Sammy but was blocked by her via social media and by telephone.
The story first broke on Thickleeyonce's timeline, the well-known photographer has made it clear that she is behind Inno all the way and feels that Sammy should take responsibility for her actions and pay Inno.
Since the story broke, Sammy  has been fairly quiet on social media, but a few minutes ago the former presenter decided to share her side of the story.
Sammy Sosa also responded to Thickleeyonce's tweets.....
Sammy Sosa's Instagram comments have since been filled with dollar signs whilst others demand she pays Inno's money back.

Image Credit: Instagram/SammySosa