Chad le Clos added a silver to South Africa's medal tally by finishing second in the 200m free final and qualified for the 200m fly final with a bit of sensational swimming on Tuesday. BY GARY LEMKE.
Chad le Clos gatecrashed the party of the world's men's elite freestyle sprinters when he raced his way to a memorable silver in the 200m final to earn South Africa's second Olympic medal of Rio 2016. "Not bad for a fly guy," he probably said to himself after breaking the South African and African record in the process.
Le Clos came second to Yang Sun - who won with a time of 1:44.65. Le Clos' time was 1:45.20, adding another silver to South Africa's medal tally.
Within 58 minutes he was stripped and ready for action again, this time bidding to reach the final of the 200m butterfly, the event in which he announced himself as Michael Phelps' heir in the London 2012 Games. During those 58 minutes ready room footage emerged of him apparently taunting the American, in classic antagonistic boxing fashion.
Renewing rivalry with Phelps after the pair had seemingly strayed from the path of a close friendship, Le Clos could...

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