Below is a statement from the National Convenor of the Black First Land First movement, Andile Mngxitama.
Pravin Gordhan is compromised by his business association with bankers who bullied the ANC leaders to appoint him as Minister of Finance last December. Compelling new evidence suggesting unethical and criminal conduct on the part of the minister links him to the bankers who illegally insisted that he be appointed the Minister of Finance. Gordhan ought to have recused himself from that position as soon at it became public that his business associates had insisted that he be appointed.
Black First Land First (BLF) has opened a criminal case against a number of white bankers and Johann Rupert for contravening section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities, 2004 (Act No. 12 of 2004). This case is essentially one of corruption and is currently being investigated by the HAWKS. BLF also has lodged a complaint with the Public Protector (PP) of “state capture” by the same white bankers including Johann Rupert. BLF has moreover presented both the HAWKS and the PP with evidence that shows that these bankers and Johann Rupert have illegally interfered with the duties of the President to appoint ministers in terms of the Constitution which they claim to uphold.
Johann Rupert (known as the Stellenbosch Mafia King) who is also the chairperson of the Swiss luxury goods conglomerate Richemont is alleged to have acted in a corrupt fashion when he summoned ANC leaders, specifically Cyril Ramaphosa and Trevor Manuel, into a meeting and instructed them to ensure the firing of Des van Rooyen as Minister of Finance. We know that Johann Rupert has interests in the economy, so he wanted a minister who would take care of his interests.
We know also that Johann Rupert is denying meeting Ramaphosa and Manuel. Ramaphosa has in turn not denied the actual meeting but has denied that there was any discussion of the hiring and firing of ministers. We say we know that thieves and criminals never admit to their crimes. Let the police do their work and the courts deal with the criminals.
The second crime happened on the night of 13 December 2015 when the following bankers indicated above, some of them belonging to multinational corporations, contravened Section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Activities Act, 2004:
1. Barclays Africa Group Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos;
2. Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head Colin Coleman;
3. Investec Bank’s global CEO, Stephen Koseff;
4. Imperial Holdings’ CEO, Mark Lamberti;
5. Sanlam CEO Ian Kirk;
6. Business Leadership South Africa chairperson Bobby Godsell;
7. Toyota Europe CEO Johan van Zyl and
8. First Rand CEO Johan Burger
When BLF opened criminal charges against these bankers and Johann Rupert we didn’t know at the time that Pravin Gordhan is a shareholder in the businesses of these individuals. This new evidence, linking Pravin to these capitalists (which effectively makes him a business partner to the said capitalists) shows that he is materially compromised and corrupt. It means Pravin has been employed by white capital to look after its interests. Pravin Gordhan is Minister of White Monopoly Capital!

If Pravin didn’t know at the time that his white business partners had sat the ANC top six down and threatened an economic meltdown – if he is not hired – he should have recused himself as soon as the matter became public. Pravin knows where he has shares and to this end knows very well the principle of conflict of interests.
BLF has been insisting that the PP investigate what happened to the R26 billion stolen from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) by white capitalists including some of the same bankers mentioned above and Johan Rupert. Since SARB is under the Minister of Finance, a reasonable inference can be drawn that these corrupt capitalists wanted a minister who will ensure that their role in the theft of the R26 billion is covered up. BLF has sent letters to the SARB regarding the theft of public funds by white capital and has to date not received even an acknowledgment.
The clear link between the Minister of Finance and the SARB creates a reasonable suspicion that a massive cover up has been committed. Minister Pravin Gordhan is facing serious criminal charges emanating from his role in the establishment of the “rogue unit” in SARS. Four commissions have found that the unit was established illegally. If Pravin Gordhan was a man of integrity and if he was not compromised and abetting corruption he would have recused himself and
allowed the legal process to absolve him. The point blank refusal of Pravin to cooperate with the HAWKS is part of the attempts by white capital to bully the institutions of law enforcement into submission through threats of economic meltdown and run on the rand. It was therefore not coincidental that amongst the first to publicly express support for Pravin Gordhan in his defiance of the police was Trevor Manuel who is linked to ABSA and Johann Rupert. His wedding party was
held at one of Rupert’s estates and he is senior manager in the rogue global bank, the Rothschilds, who are also business partners of Johann Rupert.
The second public encouragement to Pravin to defy the law came from Business Leadership South Africa led by Bobby Godsell who is a representative of one of the culprits whom BLF has opened a criminal charge against. Business Leadership South Africa is merely protecting its preferred minister which was employed at its behest.
The raft of opposition politicians, media and civil society organizations which have come out to support Pravin Gordhan are carrying out the command issued by the American Chamber of Commerce. In a blatant imperialist interference in South African affairs the chamber has instructed the President, Deputy President, Members of Parliament and their foreign funded civil society organizations to support Gordhan against the police. The American Chamber of Commerce is encouraging illegality so as to protect the interests of white capital. This is part of the regime change agenda of western imperialism to destroy the BRICS agenda. A similar process was undertaken in Brazil to remove the pro BRICS democratically elected President under false claims of corruption. Imperialism has chosen Pravin to be the face of the regime change campaign in South Africa after the failure of opposition parties to instigate a successful Zuma must go campaigning.
The combined criminal activities of the American Chamber of Commerce and the South African white businesses is a clear indication that Pravin is compromised and is a servant of white capital. He was hired to serve the interests of imperialism and white monopoly capital in South Africa. As long as Pravin is Minister of Finance the economic sovereignty of the country shall remain compromised and in the hands of foreigners.
BLF calls on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to inform the USA that we as a nation reject its interference in our country. American imperialism shall be resisted with all our might.
BLF is taking legal advice on wether to open a criminal charge against Minister Gordhan for corruption and concealment. Surely he should have known that it is illegal for his business partners to ‘blackmail’ the President into appointing him Minister of Finance so as to look after their interests. State capture is a serious matter and shouldn’t be allowed.
29 August 2016
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