A pervert who owns a dog brothel was beaten and stripped naked by an angry crowd in southwestern China's Sichuan province after he live-streamed himself raping stray dogs.

According to reports, the man whose identity was hidden, charged customers 50 RMB (£5) to beat the dogs before having sex with them, while broadcasting the abusive content online to thousands of viewers urging them to partake in the 'fun'.

Dog lovers in China first noticed the shocking video streams three weeks ago, and then  tracked the man to southwestern China's Sichuan province, where they reportedly found him and noticed he had his own a dog brothel, where he raises dogs for sex trade after picking them from the street.

A number of vigilantes talked with the man for several days and then convinced him to meet for a chat "about his "hobby".The man, thinking he was about to meet 'prospective' customers was met by dozens of animal activists who immediately beat him up and stripped him naked.

Dramatic video shots shows the man on the floor completely naked in the street after being dragged from his home.
Then the furious mob begin kicking and punching him in front of shocked 
onlookers, who were shocked to hear that he raped dogs.
As the man was beaten, activists held up banners claiming he had sexually assaulted female dogs and was running a sick dog brothel.

Among the banners was one that read: “Pervert sexually assaulted female dogs, going against morality," according to Chinese newspaper People’s Daily.
Undercover activists had contacted the man after he started posting animal abuse videos and had offered members of a Chengdu chat group the chance to “rape female dogs in a way that serves us all”.

The beating was eventually stopped when local residents called police and the man was taken to hospital for treatment.

According to reports citing local authorities, the man cannot be charged for abusing the dogs, which were all strays but he can be charged for the content he posted online.

Watch the video below