RADIO and TV personality Penny Lebyane has been cleaned out – by the court!
Sunday Sun can reveal that Penny was dragged to the Randburg Magistrate’s Court two years ago for owing money to Fiona Hudgson’s company, Hudfam CC.
According to court documents, Penny owed Hudfam CC approximately R65 830 for defaulting on the lease agreement they entered into in 2012.
The court papers shows this contract was breached in 2013. The two parties started their court battle in 2014.
But last week, the long-running legal battle came to an end with Penny’s goods being sold at an auction in the Randburg Sheriff’s office.
Among the goods that were on auction were a four-piece bedroom suite, a double-door fridge, a washing machine, a seven-piece dining room suite, a three-piece lounge suite, a three-piece Hi-Fi system, a gas heater, three TVs, a coffee table, microwave and dish washer.
Hudfam CC’s lawyers, Calteaux and Partners, confirmed the auctioning of Penny’s goods.
Fiona told Sunday Sun she was overseas and couldn’t comment.
Penny said: “Yes, I did owe Fiona, but please note payments have been made to her with regards to the R65 800 which was in arrears when I wasn’t working in 2013 to 2014.
“I didn’t know my things have been auctioned off. I thought they’d be returned after I’ve settled the debt,” she said.
“I did my best to honour the debt and communicate as truthfully as I could,” she said.
Penny said she was going to repair her relationship with Fiona and repay her what she owes her.
“She’s been very gracious to me in difficult circumstances,” said Penny.