A PETROL attendant from Soweto, Thobani Mbatha (26), is a heartbroken man.
This after Orlando Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro allegedly stole R100 from him.
The incident happened on Tuesday at a garage in Orlando West, Soweto.
Thobani claimed the player came from Orlando Stadium after he attended a practice session.
“I was filling up another car when Ndoro came and parked behind the second car.
“The owner of the first car paid R100 in cash and the second paid R200 using the card machine.
“When I went to fetch the Speedpoint, I accidentally dropped the R100 note the driver of the first car paid.
“My colleagues saw Ndoro get out of his car to pick up the money.
“When they asked him if it was his money, he said yes,” Thobani said.
He said when he went to pay he noticed the money was missing.
“I searched all my four pockets and didn’t find the money.
“I then asked my colleagues if they had seen the R100 note lying around and they said the money was taken by Ndoro, who had just left.”
Thobani said: “I was very hurt and disappointed that he didn’t hand the money to my colleagues.
“His teammate, Edwin Gyimah, came through to fill up his car and I told him what had happened and he promised me he was going to tell Ndoro.
“We then went to check the video footage and there was Ndoro picking up the R100 note I accidentally dropped.
“I was very hurt and disappointed because I’m also an Orlando Pirates fan.
“I love Ndoro, but he broke my heart because he made me look like a fool at work,” Thobani said.
He added a few hours later he was informed that a newly-signed Pirates player came to fill up his car and paid back the R100 on Ndoro’s behalf.
No case has been opened. Ndoro refused to comment and switched off his phone.
Source: dailysun