Sam and Emishang’s wedding was filled with a lot of obstacles but through determination the two eventually celebrated their wedding.
It was a union of two people from completely different backgrounds. Sam and Emishang met at a club in Pretoria & hit it off immediately but their relationship was already met with a lot of scepticism from Emishang’s family who were concerned about her dating a Nigerian man.
Especially her mother who was distraught that her daughter was impregnated by a Nigerian man.
Fast-forward to 2016 and the couple is in love more than ever with the blessing of Emishang’s mother too.
Whilst Thembisa and the OPW crew walked us through the usual format of the show, things took an unimaginable twist when the bride got into a car accident a day before her wedding.  
Shocked at the ordeal that took place, it looked like Emishang was not going to celebrate her special day, the odds were against her and although in extreme pain Emishang was still determined to get married and she did.
We were quite pleased with the entire d├ęcor and traditional attire that the couple wore as we all know, OPW couples always nail the traditional attire.
Unfortunately, the bride got one thing terribly wrong...her makeup.
Emishang was given, what the makeup artists referred to as a HD/3D makeup.
And this is the end result of the 3D makeup..

There was another slight problem we had with the episode, Sam in the beginning of the show had initially said that when he wanted to get married to Emishang he had to inform is siblings in Nigeria as he didn't have parents.
However, later on in the show, he introduced us to his mother. 

So, does Sam have parents or nah? 
Thank goodness for one of our followers who put some perspective with our confusion.

Apart from all the drama that unfolded, including the breaking of the cake we're just glad that Sam and Emishang managed to get married in a beautiful ceremony against all odds. Although we also think a second cake could've been organized for the couple at the last minute. Shame man.