WHEN her husband died in 2014 Matrida Mohadi started receiving her SMSes telling her to leave her house.
But little did she know this was just the beginning of her problems.
On Friday she was almost evicted as two different families claiming to own her home arrived on her doorstep with their belongings!
The 36-year-old from Freedom Park, near Eldorado Park in Joburg, told Daily Sun there was chaos as community members prevented the new owners from entering the house.
She later opened a fraud case against a person, whose identity is known to the SunTeam, for selling the house to three different people.
Matrida said she bought the house in 2012 for R100 000.
“I renovated it and built more rooms. I also erected a wall around the house, which cost me even more money. Now I’m losing everything,” she said.
She said after her husband died she started receiving SMSes telling her to move out and last week a group of people claiming to be sheriffs tried to evict Matrida and her children.
Residents fought the sheriffs off, but they came back and arrested four community members.
On Friday they returned to evict Matrida and soon two families arrived with two trucks full of their belongings to move into the house.
The new owners camped outside until Matrida returned from the police station at midnight. One of them left after she came back and the second left after getting into a fight with residents. Neither one wanted to speak to the SunTeam.
Community leader Nightingale Parkie (43) said she was among the four people who were arrested. She said residents would never allow a new person to occupy the house.
“We were arrested and released. Matrida will stay here because it is her home.
“We will stand by her and make sure no one takes her house from her,” she said.
Eldorado Park police confirmed a case of fraud was being investigated after the same house was sold to three people.
The suspect was known to the cops but could not be reached for comment.
Source: dailysun