The heartbreaking video was shared online from the aftermath of a deadly airstrike in war-torn Syria. The clip shows a wounded 5-year-old boy named Omran, sitting alone on a chair inside an ambulance after the airstrike hit his home in the rebel-held eastern suburbs of Aleppo. Covered in dust from the rubble, one side of Omran Daqneesh's face is drenched in blood..

The child is seen wiping his dusty forehead with his hand, before realizing he is bleeding, and then resting his hands back in his lap. He didn't cry but waited quietly as his rescuers left the ambulance to save the lives of four other children.

Volunteers from Syria's Civil Defence group - known as the White Helmets - who handled the rescue of some children, took him to the hospital and his head wounds were treated. Although Omran has since been discharged, his Parents haven't been found yet.