TO MARK the beginning of Women’s Month, these sangomas have decided to take a stand in the spirit of the women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1965.
The Traditional Healers Organisation, Intando Yabaphantsi and Nyangizizwe called an urgent meeting at Daku Hall in KwaZakhele, Port Elizabeth, on Monday to complain to the ANC’s regional committee about fake sangomas who promise to make clients’ 4-5s bigger.
Sangoma Phunyezwa Gomomo told Daily Sun: “This is long overdue. And we should have challenged these fakes long ago. They have damaged our reputation and the government must stop them.
“We must be strong like the women of 1956 who fearlessly marched to the Union Buildings to protest against pass laws.”
Philasande Yoko, chairwoman of the healers organisation in Nelson Mandela Bay, said fong kong sangomas were responsible for a number of evil acts. “They have destroyed the dignity of local men. They work as doctors and professors in dark rooms. Many cases of mutilating body parts being sold are allegedly linked to them,” she said.
Zola Moses, the ANC convener of sector mobilisation, acknowledged the sangomas’ grievances.
“Why should a God-given 4-5 be extended? These evil sangomas portray local men as evil creatures. We must stop them before they hijack our country,” he said.
“We will forward these grievances to the health department, the ANC and the municipality.”
Source: Daily Sun