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Siyabonga Nkosi joined the KZN Health Department to preach the word that blessers must fall.
Siyabonga was speaking to about 3 500 residents from Mndozo, near Newcastle during the official opening on 26 July of Mndozo Clinic in the Amajuba district.
He encouraged all men to take full responsibility for family planning in their relationships. He said it bothered him that many girls are made pregnant by older men.
“I had my first child at 28. I could have impregnated my girlfriend early if I wanted to, but I didn’t.”
He said it is a fact that men generally rule in love relationships, so they are the ones who need to take the right decisions when it comes to family planning and sexual health.
“Men can empower their partners that way,” he said.
KZN health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo revealed that 51 girls under the age of 18 fell pregnant in Mndozo in the past 18 months.
Most of them had slept with men that were at least 10 years older than them.
Dhlomo said: “There is evidence that the men who impregnated these girls are not young. They are mostly men who are 27 years old and upwards. They get the girls into bed by promising them expensive cellphones and weaves.
“This is more than a sugar daddy syndrome. A dirty culture exists here. Old people are sleeping with children and destroying their future. It is disappointing and must come to an end.”
The new clinic will serve about 21 000 people from Fairview, Vaalbank, Emxhakeni, Dicks Halt and Manzana.
Dhlomo said the clinic staff will give priority status to the 15 to 24 age group.
“This group is vulnerable, and the clinic will be sympathetic towards the youth and their problems.
“This will hopefully greatly assist in stopping new HIV infections, unplanned pregnancies and illegal abortions.”
Resident Lucky Cele (45) said now that Dhlomo and Nkosi have addressed the men in the area, he believes that blessers will stop destroying young girls’ future.
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