Television personality and actress Boity Thulo says she is tired of people having opinions on her body, because her body is not their body but hers and hers alone.
Speaking to Grazia Magazine on body shaming issues, especially the recent drama with her SAMA 22 dress, Boity said; “This is my body, this is my ass and these are my tits. If I want to show them off, then how dare you think you have the right to say anything about it?”.
Boity went on to say that its time people stop shaming woman and instead focus on important things.
“We don’t do anything with my body together. Its mine and mine alone. The sooner society gets that, the sooner we can start shifting the conversation to more important things in which women feel empowered – instead of constantly having to justify the way they look,” she tells the magazine.
Source: Grazia Magazine via drum
Picture: Boity Instagram