Popular mummy blogger Mel Watts, known online as The Modern Mumma' penned a Facebook post describing what sex is like with three kids to look after and a horny husband to take care of, in a post which many mothers say they can relate with.

Speaking to Daily Mail she said mothers should be able to talk about sex publicly, but she didn't expect anything from the post.

'If anything I'd be happy for some wife to give her husband a high five and say "look honey I'm better than that",' she said. 

She went on to say her husband agreed to her sharing the post, and while some women loved it others felt bad for her husband.
'It's quite funny actually,' she said. 'Sometimes writing things like this either help women or give them an excuse to lash out at me. Everyone in the world has sex at one point in their life. So there a billions of different types of sex drives. Not everyone has the same, no everyone has the same needs as someone else.'