Motorists in the western Russian city of Kaluga were shocked to see an almost naked woman riding as a passenger on a bike. Except for her helmet, panties and a pair of trainers, she was completely naked.
In a video posted online, the young woman seemed to be enjoying herself and even swung her body towards a neighbouring car at a road intersection, so the driver could slap her bottom.

Despite her antics, it appears both passenger and driver will escape sanction. 
A Russian police spokesman in a press statement said:
"The girl was riding in her panties but she did not show her breasts as she was leaning into the biker and her breasts were covered by his back. It is not an offence, we have women walking in the streets in more provocative garments with uncovered backs. It would be an offence if she were to walk naked on the streets, but in this case we cannot do anything."
Online opinion on the matter has been divided with some people saying they love the show while others say she could been a distraction to drivers and easily have caused an accident.

More photos and the video below...