For the first two years of Minnie Dlamini’s career she wore one pair of nude-coloured heels and was ‘a deer in the headlights’. 

The star opened up to host Anele Mdoda – on the latter's TV show - about what it was like when she was a teenager struggling to fit in. 

Minnie also had a tough time adjusting to how life changed when her family had to tighten their belts following her dad losing his job. 

Here’s the full interview: 
Minnie also talks about how she made her first million when she was twenty and blowing all the money, saying: "One minute I had a million rand in my account the next moment I had none."

Then Minnie tells her good friend, Anele, about how her new man spoils her by "taking care of her" and making breakfast for her in bed.

Yaas Minnie, your bae sounds like he is the best. 

-The Juice