Minnie Dlamini is a media darling and has managed to stay relevant in her good-girl image. But things have not always been rosy for Minnie. With the highly publicized break-up with ex-boyfriend and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Itumeleng Kune, it has taken Minnie a lot of work to rid herself of the girlfriend image.

Minnie has however stayed focused and has become a household name, ”It has not been easy, I’ve learnt not to discuss my relationships or share any relationship information on public platforms,” she said with a giggle.
“The next time I talk about my relationship, will be when its time for me to get married,” said Minnie.

Shaping a brand takes calculated moves, Minnie says she has had to look at herself and the industry as a business and not just a thing she does for fun. “I learnt to take myself seriously, from what I post on my social media to the clothes I wear. One of my biggest regrets is when I was 20 years old; I was the face of Legit. I received over a million Rands and I honestly do not know what I did with all that money, “she said.

Minnie said she wished she were wiser then to know that she could invest the money in something valuable.

She goes on to say that some of her regrets have molded her into the person she has become, “I am going to be young and sexy for the rest of my life so I have learnt to invest in my future,” she added.

Minnie will be launching a swimwear line in October.