TV PERSONALITY, Minnie Dlamini, has dropped the ladies’ picnic dubbed The Queen’s Picnic.
Sunday Sun has learnt Minnie dumped the ladies for her birthday party, which was held in Durban yesterday.
A source close to the situation said Minnie only informed the organiser days before the event that she had a family commitment.
“She was already used as a poster girl,” said the source.
One of the organisers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they saw a poster of her birthday in Durban and got concerned.
The organiser said they became worried and decided to call her to find out what was happening.
“To rub salt into the wound, Minnie was paid her 50% three weeks ago,” said the source.
The source said Minnie avoided their calls and they eventually sent her a text, trying to find out what is happening.
“The only time she responded was through her Instagram page, where she told a friend she was not attending the picnic,” said the source.
This is allegedly not the first time Minnie has dropped people at the last minute.
A few weeks ago she allegedly left another gig high and dry. She was scheduled to co-present with MEC Qedani Mahlangu as part of their Women’s Month celebration.
“Minnie called 30 minutes before going on air to say she was in Durban for a family emergency, said the source.
Last year, it was reported Minnie dropped Metro FM DJs Sphe and Naves for the their 16 June celebration after they posted about it for a month.
It was further reported they discovered she had dumped them because she was also promoting the gig, but later posted she was off to London.
The event organiser, known as Dennis, said Minnie cancelled and told them she had a family engagement or something like that.
“But we have no issues with her. The only issue is we had already printed the flyers,” said Dennis, who refused to give us his surname.
Yesterday Minnie told the People’s Paper: “I’m receiving an honorary award at the KZN Young Achievers Awards tonight in Durban.
“I cancelled the Queen’s Picnic to honour this award three weeks ago, with a full refund to the organisers. My party is in celebration of this award.”