In an effort to rubbish claims of abuse made by an ex, a millionaire has released a video footage which shows the woman hitting herself in a rage. 

Scott Mitchell, 45, was previously accused by ex, Mary Hunt, 29, of physical & psychological abuse, telling reporters she suffered a black eye at the hands of the Florida business man. but the video presented by Mitchell's lawyers seemingly shows Ms Hunt having a meltdown and beating herself up.

The Florida businessman previously accused Miss Hunt of stealing $2.1million worth of jewellery from the safe in his massive mansion following their split last summer.
In response she claims Mitchell gave her black eyes and bruises before breaking off their wedding in August. But Mitchell's attorney Todd Foster told FOX 13: 
“The explanation for the black eye is now very different.There is no evidence that he ever beat her. This video now demonstrates that she is striking herself in the same area of the face and head that they allege Scott struck her.”
Mitchell’s legal team have now hired a former FBI forensic expert to study the footage.
Hunt has spoken out about the alleged abuse in the past.
She told the TV station in June: “There were so many times when I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t do it anymore and I think about how much he would have wanted this.”
Earlier this year, Mitchell filed a lawsuit against Hunt and her parents, The lawsuit is claiming costs to recover stolen items plus damages for a total of $4million. He claims Hunt's parents helped her hide his jewels which include 99 three-diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings and 172 loose diamonds.
Mr Mitchell's lawyers also produced CCTV footage allegedly showing Ms Hunt stealing valuables from his mansion, but Ms Hunt's lawyers have contested the images, hiring a video expert who suggested the footage could have been doctored. Ms Hunt's legal team have also released private security footage, showing Mr Mitchell having an angry meltdown on his drive way, in an attempt to demonstrate his fiery temperament.

Mitchell and Hunt dated for two years, within the time, Mitchell claimed he paid for everything, including her mortgage, credit card debt, health insurance and let her drive his 2015 Mercedes Benz.

Watch the video below...

Source- TheSunUK