A no nonsense guy on screen and the total opposite at home, we discover that Mduduzi Mabaso is a normal, loving and caring family man.
An award-winning actor, Mdu is famously known for his character, Suffocate on Rhythm City but his wife calls him ‘Smooth Operator.’
Of the ten years that the couple has been together, they’ve been traditionally married for six. 2016 marks a decade since the love birds fell for each other.
“I am not good at remembering these things, I even forget my birthday,” Mdu says laughingly.
Although he might forget dates, Mdu never forgets to love his wife.
“He is my best friend,” Fatima says as she gushes. “It is so easy. I understand his job and that people will love and adore him.
“I think I am very secure in our relationship. He has never made me feel like I’m his second best.”
Mdu however admits that it hasn’t been all lovey dovey.
“It has been a curvy, bumpy road for us…”

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