WOMEN’S salaries should be reviewed so that they earn the same as men for the same jobs, the EFF said in its Women's Day message today.
EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: "On the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Women's March, the EFF calls on all companies and state departments to review salaries and give women the same salaries that men receive for the same jobs."
The party also wants sanitary towels to be made freely available by the government in the same way condoms are.
The party said that 60 years after the anti-pass law march, women still feel restricted and unsafe, with levels of violence and rape restricting their freedom in a way similar to the pass laws that the women marched against.
"We have not reflected on women's image as tools of beauty to be consumed in a society dominated by patriarchal men. Society has not transcended the reality that women are more than their looks, and the reduction to their bodies constitutes the basis for why they are abused and silenced," he said.
Women also struggle to own land in rural areas, which blocks their efforts to break out of poverty.
This comes after members of the EFF's elections team surprised the IEC and President Jacob Zuma's security detail during his speech on Saturday night at the IEC results centre. The four women, all dressed in black, held pieces of paper with words in remembrance of "Khwezi" written on them.
Khwezi is the woman who accused Zuma of rape in 2006.
Zuma was acquitted of the charge, but the woman appears to still be in hiding after being treated terribly by Zuma supporters during the trial.

Source: news24