In a recent interview on SABC 3’s Real Talk with Anele, the actress opened up about her relationship. She explained that it hasn’t been perfect.

“We’ve been through our rough patches, you know. We’ve even been through a break-up, believe it or not. The getting back together again was sweeter, man, it really was… No relationship is heaven, guys. Whoever told people that was lying.”
The Generations: The Legacy star also added that she doesn’t like giving up. “My mom and dad have been at this game for like almost 40 years now, close to 40 years. And I’ve seen their ups and downs, I do not have marital experience, but through seeing them, I do. And I would like to work at it like they did.” 
When Anele asked what she thinks her man loves about her, Manaka’s face lit up and she replied: “I think everything.”
She continued: “I think I never, I did not bring the celebrity to him, you know what I mean? I’m myself all the time, you know.” She also said that when she’s not working, she’s as natural as she can be. “And I think he appreciates that,” Manaka told Anele.  
On what she loves about him, the actress said: “He’s a guy’s guy, man. And he’s not apologetic about it. I found him when he was playing the field, you know what I mean? She explained that she fell in love first while they were still texting.