WHEN 58-year-old Noncebo Gotswa’s husband died in 2013, she found herself alone and poor.
She left her home village of Mbekweni in the Eastern Cape to go and live with her husband’s mum in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni.
But instead of helping her makoti, mamazala Josephina Masindo (73) allegedly forced Noncebo to work as a magosha.
“Two months ago she told me I should woman up,” said Noncebo.
“She wanted me to sleep with older men for money. I did as I was told because I had no choice. I was afraid of ending up on the street. My mamazala turned me into a magosha!”
She said after weeks of poking more and more strangers, the money would end up in the mamazala’s pockets.
Noncebo’s turning point came when she realised she was not getting her share of the money.
After Noncebo confronted her mamazala, the angry Josephina kicked her out and she had to sleep next to the KwaThema cop shop.
But then her luck changed and she was rescued by Mvuselelo Mkholo (49) from the same kasi.
“I had been living alone since my sister died five months ago,” said Mvuselelo. “Noncebo’s story showed me God wanted to give me another sister, so I took her in.”
When Daily Sun tried speaking to gogo Josephina, she said she didn’t want to hear Noncebo’s name ever again.
“That one is so stupid. She closed her door and locked herself inside,” said Josephine.
A madala (63) who came by the mamazala’s house said: “Noncebo has been a blessing to some of us in the past months. We need her back!”