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Khanyi Mbau "Shake" takes a swipe at wannabe blessers.

She returns as a patwa singer and dancer, a genre originating from the Caribbean, especially Jamaica. It's a heady mix of ragga and dancehall with a thumping beat and rhythm.
Mbau is signed to the controversial Mabala Noise record company owned by ANC Youth League treasurer Reggie Nkabinde.
The company came under attack when EFF leader Julius Malema accused it of underhand dealings.
But Mbau has taken the controversy in her stride.
"I have come to know that everything big comes with criticism.
"This is an evolution of something new and great. Also when you add Khanyi and Reggie together how can it not be under scrutiny?"
Malema charged that Nkabinde gave artists signed to his label R5-million each.
Mbau disputes the figure.
"I haven't received R5-million, but yes we are getting paid a lot of money, yes we are looked after well, yes we are made to feel like stars.
"If they are giving out so much money can't they be happy that at least someone is getting something from an industry that is known to exploit people?"
Mbau said since the storm of controversy broke last week the artists of Mabala Noise have rallied together.
"If you attack one of us you attack us all.
"If one of us goes down, we all go. There is nothing illegal happening at Mabala Noise."
Last night she unveiled Shake, her new single produced by the respected Alexis Faku at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg held in Sandton.
Mbau performed during the fashion show of Nhlanhla Nciza's label NN Vintage.
In 2010 she released a self-titled album that flopped spectacularly.
Speaking a few hours before the show, Mbau said she had found her voice.
But she admitted to being nervous because of her earlier failure.
Mbau said the music also marked her return as a party girl.
Shake also takes a swipe at wannabe blessers.

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