Many people have complained that the South African entertainment industry uses the same faces and is not uncovering new talent, re: #OpenUpTheIndustry.
Presenter, radio host, mother, actress and now singer Khanyi Mbau says, “When you’re a creative, you cannot be limited to one thing, that is why I have now decided to pursue music. I wouldn’t call it hogging the lime light, but rather playing within the entertainment field.”

After confirming that she has been signed under record company Mabala Noise, Khanyi is ready to give the music another try. ”The first time I tried to do music, I was in my 20s and I had no respect and understanding of the craft. I have found myself and my sound and I am ready to earn back the trust of the people who heard me try it the first time,” she says.
Khanyi says that music is a new chapter in her life and being a late bloomer in music game is ok. “I am now doing what I am supposed to be doing.”
With a busy schedule and having to travel between Joburg and Cape Town every week, Khanyi says her life requires discipline and strict time schedules. ”I always make time for my daughter. I see her on weekends; all my nap times are scheduled; my gigs and everything I do is planned to the second,” she said.
As for relationships, Khanyi has decided to priorities herself and her career. “I don’t even want to touch on my relationship. Ever since I became known, people always knew who I was dating, now its time for my work to speak for itself,” says Mbau.
“I am trying to raise a queen and I want my work to reflect the kind of person I have now become.”
Khanyi’s single ’SHAKE’ is available for download on iTunes.
source: drum

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