The ANC should blame themselves for the loss of control of three metros and a number of municipalities, EFF leader Julius Malema told MPs as he wrapped up his local election debate speech in parliament today

"Zuma wants to enrich his family and himself. He will never get our vote. We are here to say to you, take your ministers who are Instagram celebrities to go and vote for you and campaign for you to get the votes."
"Don’t blame it on the EFF, it is of your own making. You’ve got yourself to blame. I did not take the votes away from you, you are self destructing and you’ll have yourself to blame."
Where is free education, we gave you 6% to take the land, you refused it. Now those who want to sound more ‘black consciousness’, they say to us you can’t disrupt the ANC and vote for the DA and opposition. When we voted against the ANC we were not disrupting the land question, we were not disrupting any black agenda, so…."
"You can jump into the nearest hell," he told ANC Mps in closing.