JAZZ singer Nono Nkoane nearly lost her husband, artist Bonolo, and their child in a car crash!
The accident came as he and the couple’s child were on their way home after Bonolo fetched the child from school.
This prevented Bonolo from being able to do a workshop and show in Bloemfontein.
Nono broke the news of the accident on social media.
She sent out a message to her husband’s fans on Facebook, apologising for Bonolo’s inability to appear in Bloemfontein.
Her message reads in part as follows: Through the grace of God they both escaped the accident unharmed with my husband Bonolo suffering minor injuries to his head, arm and hand.
Due to this, we regret to inform you that Bonolo’s workshop and show in Bloemfontein have been placed on hold until further notice.
Nono’s debut album, True Call, launched her music career on a high note and she hasn’t looked back since then.
She got good reviews from industry greats such as Dr Sello Galane, among others, and has performed at the Fete De La Musique and the live jazz club The Orbit.
Nono studied music at the Tshwane University of Technology and was signed to her record company straight after school.
She’s been touring and building her brand as one of Mzansi’s great jazz voices.
Nono spoke to the SunTeam on behalf of herself and her husband.
She said: “The accident was on the Old Johannesburg Road and my Bonolo was fetching our son from school. He was hit by a huge mobile kitchen and the car was written off.
“He sustained minor injuries and our son didn’t get hurt, but he’s undergoing counselling for shock. There’s an investigation so I can’t share too much.”