Many Facebook users have shared and liked fake news articles lately, including the popular “Two arrested over 80,000 ballot papers already marked as ANC votes” story.
Apart from looking like a fool when you share these stories as real news, you can be held legally liable for distributing damaging information.
Nicholas Hall from Michalsons Law Firm said that in terms of our law of defamation, sharing, liking, or retweeting constitutes an act of publication.
Hall urged the public to be responsible in assessing the truth of an article that appears online before republishing it on social media.

Don’t be an idiot

While the chance of legal action for sharing a fake news article is limited, there is no reason for you to share fake news stories.
It is easy to spot a fake news website, as explained in this article: How to spot a fake South African news website.
If you shared or liked any of the articles listed below, it is time for you to wake up and realise you are a patsy for fake news peddlers.

BREAKING: South Africa’s Ex-President Thabo Mbeki Dead At 74

Two arrested over 80,000 ballot papers already marked as ANC votes

Wayde Van Niekerk Risk Being Stripped Off Of His Gold Medal After Testing Positive For 3 Different Drugs

Julius Malema apologizes for accidentally voting for the ANC

Chad le Clos Wins First Gold for South Africa in the Men’s 100m Butterfly at the Olympics

Ayanda Mabuli gunned down in Soweto

South Africa’s Michelle Weber Wins Second Gold Medal at the Olympics

Wayde van Niekerk just signed the biggest endorsement deal in Nike history

Source: mybroadband