Johannesburg set the bar high in the previous week, but it seems like Cape Town couldn’t match-up to Jozi’s calibre of talent.
We were never ready for the disappointment that was dished out during the Cape Town auditions.
The judges and viewers were subjected to a string of unwarranted singers who were probably misled by a cruel family member who perhaps encouraged these wooden-mic contenders to pursue a career in singing.
Now there were a number of candidates who were absolutely terrible during Sunday night’s auditions but our ultimate favourites were the likes of Viwe and the “What is love girl” (Apologies, we forgot her name)
A part from his dreadful audition, it’s Viwe’s sincerity that made us love his wooden-mic performance. He may have been terribly out of tune and sang the wrong words but it’s how apologetic he was about his mistake that made us forgive Viwe.
Shame the man even cried whilst exiting the audition room and like a true wooden-mic contender Viwe also exited with a fart, yes ladies and gentlemen Viwe farted whilst leaving the room empty handed.
Then it was this lady...
On behalf of all South Africans, we’d like to apologize to this lady for the number of times that Somizi made you repeat that unattainable note. You continuously sang ‘what is love’ and unfortunately Somizi showed you no love at all.
Before we write off Cape Town as a complete disappointment it was the sweet sounds of, Micaela, Tebogo, Bronwin and a few other singers that made Sunday night’s episode of Idols a joy to watch.
When you’re performing and Unathi shows this expression, just know you’re on the right track.
When you’re performing and Unathi shows this expression, just know you’re on the right track.
We’d also like to take our hat off to Tebogo for believing so strongly in his dreams and not letting even his family deter him those dreams. Tebogo has made this his third attempt at winning Idols, let’s hope the man at least makes it to the Top 5 stage of the competition. 
In all honesty, Tebogo actually doesn’t need an Idols title…Robbie Malinga please do best?
We'd also like to send a special request to Aphiwe's High School principal, may you please hand this boy a months detention for raising our hopes so high only to be subjected to his ear-deafening audition.
Aphiwe was the 16-year-old boy who sang an Adele song at the end of the show.
The teenager came to the auditions with an attractive sense of confidence that got us excited, but our excitement was short-lived the moment he opened his mouth. 
Aphiwe sounded like a cat that was being skinned alive. Please handle him accordingly principle.
Last but definitely not least a moment of silence for Unathi's amazing body in this jumpsuit.
Source: zalebs