It’s no secret that Anele Mdoda is fierce‚ strongly opinionated and never minces her words on matters she feels strongly about.

The radio personality and new talk show queen is also fiercely protective over her family and has strong opinions about her culture‚ which has seen her get embroiled in many a debate.
More recently Anele and her sister Thembisa Mdoda made headlines for getting involved in a ugly Twitter war with Thembisa’s ex Atandwa Kani.
Speaking to Drum magazine about her sister’s highly-publicised split‚ Anele said that she never really had a close relationship with Atandwa when he was with her sister.
“I stopped liking Thembisa and Atandwa’s relationship‚ especially during the time when they were not happy. We actually didn’t have much of a relationship‚” she told the publication.
Speaking about her protective nature towards her family‚ Anele said that she will always defend them because it’s who she is.
“Even when I know they’re wrong‚ I protect them publicly‚ but behind closed doors I reprimand them. It’s who I am‚” she added.
As reported by TMG Entertainment in June this year Anele‚ Thembisa and Atandwa seemed to throw massive shade at each other after Atandwa commented on how happy he was about Jessica Nkosi guest presenting OPW.
Anele hit back at Atandwa’s comments saying that he got married to Fikile on a balcony‚ which is why he could not wait for Our Perfect Wedding‚ before taking aim at his self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Theatre’ title.
Source: sundayworld