The African National Congress has not upheld former president and ANC stalwart Nelson Mandela's legacy but is instead promoting racism, former president FW de Klerk said during the launch of the Centre for Unity and Diversity yesterday.
De Klerk was speaking on Mandela's legacy and reconciliation.
"One of the important aspects of the legacy of Mandela was his emphasis and belief of reconciliation. He didn't only say it, he lived it. He firmly believed that we must be inclusive in our approach for all South Africans against the weight of his party.
"This aspect of his legacy is not upheld by the party which he led for so long. Among some elements in the ANC, he is no longer receiving the attention he should receive, actually the opposite. They are guilty of actions and policies which are promoting racialism and making non-racialism very difficult to achieve."
De Klerk said leaders of goodwill needed to come together in a new Convention for a Democratic South Africa (Codesa) that promotes dialogue and condemns racism.
"We need to return to the spirit of reconciliation, compromise and goodwill that characterised the first years of the new South Africa."
De Klerk added that under President Jacob Zuma's leadership, the ANC government has taken the wrong direction.
"I think we are not governed well. The fight against corruption is not an effective fight. Corruption is taking place hand over hand and is still growing. Even cadre deployment has hurt our economy."
"I am highly critical of President Zuma's regime and the lack of good governance we are experiencing at their hands," De Klerk told attendees.