This picture from Episode 1 Mad Dogs III shows Dr Akram’s so called tokoloshe is in fact Thembalethu Ntuli creeping up on British actor Marc Warren!  ~ 

IF you buy this tokoloshe it will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
At least that’s the claim made by Dr Akram, a man who claims to be a traditional healer.
But the People’s Paper can tell you that Dr Akram’s tokoloshe is a FAKE!
As you can see on his Facebook page, there is a picture of a frightening tokoloshe, along with pictures of bundles of money and a beautiful house.
The message with the pictures reads: “Sekuyiyona ndlela yokphila ntofo ntofo thola utokoloshe (fast way of living rich in our days now get tokoloshe fast and live happily)”.
But the SunTeam quickly found the picture of the tokoloshe on the internet – and saw it is a character from a British TV series called Mad Dogs!
The character was played by well-known South African actor Thembalethu Ntuli.
The “tokoloshe” Dr Akram claims is his is pictured here in a publicity shot, sneaking up on British actor Marc Warren, who was in the series.
Daily Sun called the number the “healer” posted and the man confirmed that he did sell tokoloshes.
When asked for details, he refused to say more.
“I don’t need Daily Sun to advertise my business. I already have customers flocking to my place to buy the short man that helps them with their problems,” he said.
Upon more questions being asked, the man said he was not interested and dropped the phone.
Hundreds of people have been commenting on Dr Akram’s wall, most of them angry, and questioning the so called healer’s motives.
Gladys Kgosigadi wrote: “PeaceGiver U need Jesus in your life, stop deceiving children of God if such rubbish of yours indeed makes one rich, then why can’t they start with you?”
Lots of people call Daily Sun after they’ve been conned by people claiming to be able to make them rich quickly – and most of the time these prophets are long gone by the time we try to call them!
So the People’s Paper says, be warned!
  • So the People’s Paper says, be warned!
    watch the video of Thembalethu Ntuli putting on make-up for his character in Mad Dogs.
  • Source: Daily Sun