FORMER Orlando Pirates and Chippa United midfielder Linda Shiba has been flagged by his lady friend for allegedly dodging to pay back money he borrowed to finance his girlfriend's abortion after unprotected sex went wrong.

Ntshako Mmola, a civil servant in Polokwane, alleges the former Polokwane City player came to her cap in hand in May last year and asked for a R1 500 loan to give to his girlfriend to get rid of their baby because she was pregnant. Mmola told Sunday World that Shiba dribbled her every time she asked him for her money.

"He would claim that he didn't get paid from Polokwane City and say that he would pay when he has money. But months would go by without him saying a single word about my money," said Mmola.

Shiba confirmed he had borrowed money from Mmola but disputed the figure.

"Yes I borrowed money from her but she is lying about the purpose for which the money was intended for. In fact it's not R1 500, it was R350 and last time I checked I paid her back," he said.
Shiba refused to say what he needed the money for. Mmola hit back at Shiba s claims he had settled his debt and showed us a whatsApp conversation between them on Monday.

"@@@ Ntshako: I hope you spend my money wisely since you don't wana give it back."

"@@@ Shiba responded Mana I will give u ur money."

Mmola said she was now penniless and hurt.

"He betrayed the trust that I had in him. I helped him as a friend because I felt for him when he narrated his story about not wanting more babies which he could not afford to support. So I gave him my last R1 500 and he promised to pay it back. But he betrayed me big time," she said.