Actress Winnie Ntshaba is furious over being quoted in fake comments in recent news articles.
This comes after EFF leader Julius Malema  accused Winnie of using her fame to poach his supporters for the ANC.
Juilius also said:“She has the arrogance of ANC." and further referred to her as "Khetiwe of Khapela.”
The hoax article claimed that Winnie responded to Malema by saying: "I do not comment on that grigamba, he belongs in Zimbabwe."
Winnie took to social media yesterday to set the record straight. She wrote: "Such irresponsible journalism.....who ever wrote this will burn in hell. No journalist has ever called me....extremely negligent! How can we fight so much to unite Africa only to call other people by such names....the person who is responsible for this write up needs to be found."
Winnie further said: I am an African! I would never call another human being with derogatory names."
Source: dailysun