Over the past couple of months we've had a number of celebrity death hoax and it seems like they just keep rolling in.
Death hoax seems to be a trend in South Africa as of late, especially when it involves South African artists/celebrities.
It's either we're anticipating to hear yet another celebrity death (which is sickening) or we're just simply bored and yearn for attention on these social media streets.
Just earlier in the month of August, the supposed death of Uzalo actress, Leleti Khumalo spread like wildfire on Twitter after it was rumored that she had passed away.

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As always, Twitter was devastated at the "Loss" of yet another star following the passing of Rally race-car driver, Gugu Zulu.
Thankfully Uzalo's P.R cleared the death rumors.

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Then in July Black Coffee became the victim of a death hoax after a satire website claimed that the international star was found dead in a hotel room in Spain.
Black Coffee had to also clear the rumors and confirm that he is alive and well.

Then just recently, rapper, Emtee was also involved in a death hoax after false news broke about him being stabbed to death.
The award winning artists had to clear the rumors in style by posting a picture of himself in his brand Mercedes Benz ride he recently bought a month ago.
A photo posted by eMTee (@emteethehustla) on
Life has clearly not ended for these artists if anything, life is treating them pretty well.
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