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EFF Julius Malema says NO DEAL between DA and ANC #CoalitionTalks

  1. #CoalitionTalks Malema says ANC was non commital on all the 7 conditions
  2. Malema: On the removal of the Pres they (ANC) said it was a NoNo! #CoalitionTalks
  3. #EFF Demands to the ANC: land expropriation and the nationalization mines & banks.
  4. Malema says no deal between EFF and the ANC with regards to forming coalitions. Watch it live on DStv 403.
  5. #CoalitionTalks #EFF We are hapy to announce that there is no deal between DA and ANC
  6. #CoalitionKingmakers EFF says there's no deal with DA.
  7. #CoalitionTalks #EFF “It was going to be an insult to South Africans who voted against kleptocracy and corruption”
  8. #EFF #Malema "And then we spoke to that white racist party the #DA There is no deal with the DA." #eNCA
  9. #CoalitionTalks #EFF "We are happy to announce that there is no deal between DA and ANC"
  10. #CoalitionKingmakers - Malema: "we aren't going into a deal with anyone"
  11. #CoalitionTalks #EFF We are happy to announce there is no deal with the DA we will not be going into a coalition with anyone.
  12. #CoalitionTalks #EFF ‘will be taking its seat as opposition.’

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