Reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Khan, who is also a Playboy model stripped off, danced on a pole, ran through the house naked with her fellow housemates watching, and then finally begged her boyfriend for sex after having too many drinks on Wednesday night's episode. This comes days after she was reported to have had sex in the toilet with Stephen Bear, her boyfriend in the house.

While kissing and romancing Stephen, the model looked a little worse for wear from too many drinks as she removed her top with the help of Stephen. With her 32HH oranges dangling, the 25-year-old then proceeded to gallop around the kitchen.

A housemate then encourages her to do a topless pole dance which she does while still looking drunk and then tells boyfriend Stephen  "you know you want it, come and get it!", before male housemate Lewis Bloor did the gentlemanly thing and gave her one of his shirts in an attempt to cover her up.

More  photos and the video below...