Over the past few months, e-tv’s Isiko host Simphiwe Ngema has been doing a fair bit of ducking and diving, with lots of cryptic social media posts about her relationship status.
She was recently spotted sporting a rock on her finger, which got her fans even more curious about her love life.
“I don’t know if my partner would want me to talk about that” she said when asked about the status of her bubbling romance.
“I wouldn’t talk about it because there have been a lot of articles, you know. Like the Pallance Dladla aricle (a tabliod report recently alleged that she was seeing the Isibaya star). ”
“It made me think that I don’t want to talk about such things. So I’d rather not talk about my private life.” But with a bit more prodding, she admits that she does have someone in her life. “I will say that I’m taken,” she says. “That’s as far as I’m willing to go. He’s a good guy,” Ngema said.
“Because he’s also private so it’s not just about me: it’s about him, it’s about his family, and it’s about my family. So those are the things I have to look at,” she added.
Despite all the secrecy, she was willing to admit that she is married but with hesitation saying ,”Eish, everything that you see on Instagram right now is all we are willing to say. We are married.”