When love and culture meet at the cross-roads, fascinating things happen. 
That is the theme for the latest South African rom-com, Zulu Wedding, currently being shot in Joburg. 
The film is set to harness the skills of international and local talent and according to the promoters of the project, the film is sure to be a hot favourite with the South African audience.
What we're most excited about this film is the calibre of talented that is on the rostar.
Our very own talented actors such as the likes of Pallance Dladla, Bubu Mazibuko, S'thandiwe Kgoroge, Nondumiso Tembe and Lorcia Cooper will be acting alongside some familiar American actors.

American actor Darrin Dewitt Henson, whom you may know from films like Stomp the Yard and the series, Soul Food, will also be on the production team alongside Carl Payne who acted in the 90's hit comedy show - Martin.
The film follows the life of a woman who who leaves her Zulu-Sotho Heritage behind to become a dancer in America. She then falls in love with an American man, however when she brings her American lover home, she discovers that she's been promised, since birth, to marry a Zulu King.
Caught in the drama between two men and two families, the woman has to now fight for what she wants.
Looking at Bubu's Instagram account we'll also probably seeing cameo appearances by the likes of Kelly Khumalo and DJ Tira in the film
It'll be great to see the likes of Bubu, Pallance, S'thandiwe and Lorcia back on the silver screen again.
The film is currently being shot in Johannesburg.
By the way how hot does Lorcia and Darin look together in this picture?

Image Credit: Instagram
Source: zalebs