It seems like just yesterday we heard the heart-breaking news of the death of Kwaito star Brown Dash. The Soweto born & bread musician passed away in 2012 at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital after a long illness.

Four-years-later and his close friends and fellow musicians commemorate the award winning artist that was Brown Dash.

In an interview on Metro FM’s ‘Whose Show Is it Anyway’ Brown Dash’s close friend, Brickz Mabrigado announced that him and a couple of artists are currently planning on a concert for Brown Dash.

We're doing a tribute show for Brown Dash on the 24th of September at Orlando Stadium. We'd like for the public to come out and celebrate Brown Dash's life with us. We're trying to end this whole thing of people only remembering you when you're alive, but once you're gone, they don't care about your kids, they don't care about your parent."

Brickz continued to urge people to com celebrate Brown Dash's life and also added that the likes of Mandoza, Mapaputsi and more will be performing at the show.

Image Credit: Facebook