Media personality Bonang Matheba was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  almost a week for a new campaign she has been mum about.
Despite her posting nice pics of herself  and her behind the scenes in Brazil, Bonang says she may probably not go back there anytime soon.
“There is a lot of poverty there and you see it everywhere, I wasn’t comfortable with that,” Bonang said of Rio earlier on her Metro FM show The Front Row.
She also said she found it a bit uneasy that in the whole time she was there she only saw three black people. “I saw only three black people while I was there, I didn’t like that either. It has beautiful beaches and women but it not my kind of place,” Bonang added.
Bonang added that because the women in Brazil are so beautiful she wouldn’t let her man go there alone. “If my person wants to go to Brazil, I will be like ‘I am coming with'”, she said.